Project 4: Translation, Uptake and Impact (TUI)

Knowledge translation for Impact Pathways to facilitate key systems change

"The translation of new knowledge into transformative outcomes for communities, whānau, hapū, Iwi and Māori communities is central to Kaupapa Māori research design, where knowledge sharing is informed by powerful Indigenous concepts such as collective well-being, collective responsibility and collective accountability."

The TUI project has been designed to run alongside the three previous research projects to achieve the translation of new knowledge into impactful pathways for change. The aims of this project are to:

  • Translate new research knowledge for whānau, hapū, Iwi, Māori communities and other stakeholders;
  • Facilitate uptake of new research knowledge into policy making, management action and professional practice in health; and
  • Design outcomes-centred dissemination methods and tools for impact.

The TUI component of the programme grant will build engagement, awareness and knowledge beyond the usual primary dissemination recipients (i.e., the academy) to actively target whānau, hapū, Iwi and Māori communities.

By creating targeted impact pathways, research findings will have the potential to inform decision-making, procedures, protocols and standards of care for Māori in areas of policy making, management action and professional practice in health. Furthermore, innovative and inclusive dissemination strategies will prioritise Māori experiences, creating mana motuhake (autonomy) over Māori knowledge, and co-creating new Indigenous knowledge that evolves with the context yet stays connected to Māori values and identities.

Rapua te ara rangatira infographic

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