Project 3: He waka eke noa

Co-creating primary care that works for whānau Māori

"Primary care is highlighted as a crucial gateway to early diagnosis on the cancer-care continuum and a potential site for addressing disparities - urgent improvements and changes need to be made to allow for optimal outcomes for Māori."

This research project aims to establish whānau and clinical concepts of good practice in the primary health care system in order to create new pathways of care for Māori. Specifically, the project will:

  • Investigate both whānau and clinical ideas of how to increase Māori access to primary health care (PHC) in the pre-diagnosis phase of cancer;
  • Bring the perspectives of both whānau and clinicians together to agree on changes required in both systems (whānau and PHC) to ensure earlier diagnosis (and therefore treatment) of cancer for Māori; and
  • Test the ability of whānau and clinicians to transform health services through an Appreciative Inquiry process in one Primary Health Care site.

Working in partnership with Gonville Health, the findings from this research will identify specific patient and whānau attitudes, knowledge alongside actions clinician attitudes, knowledge, actions, and Primary Health Care system components to increase access to, and effectiveness of, primary care services for Māori in the pre-diagnosis phase of cancer. The experience of bringing together the whānau voice and the general practice voice will provide examples of unified approach that could be replicated in other primary care settings.

Rapua te ara rangatira infographic

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